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Town of Brookhaven Industrial Development Agency

1 Independence Hill
Farmingville, NY 11738
P: +1 631-451-6563


Brookhaven Town is very fortunate to have some of the largest companies in the area creating many employment opportunities which meets the needs of job seekers and employers and supports economic growth.  The Town's mission is to partner with the services of local training institutions on Long Island, focus on course offerings which are oriented toward local labor market demands and targeted occupations.   Brookhaven has over 486,000 residents and has many affordable housing properties within.


Brookhaven National Lab researchers have made such diverse contributions including patenting Maglev, which moves vehicles magnetically without making contact with the ground.  Also, designing of the first video games and creating the first PET Scan among many other instrumental breakthroughs.

Workforce & Training

Stony Brook University is the largest academic medical center on Long Island.  As the only school of medicine in the region, it offers excellent research and clinical opportunities and has attracted a faculty of national and international renown.  They also have been recognized for the success of the Stony Brook Corporate Education and Training (CET) group which has help hundreds of displaced workers return to productive professional jobs,

Eastern Suffolk BOCES Educational and Management Services address the diverse needs of our educational community and is dedicated to meeting the needs of diverse life-long learners by providing a full spectrum of cost-effective educational and career learning programs. 

We at Town of Brookhaven Industrial Development Agency are updating the information on this page. Check back soon!

We at Town of Brookhaven Industrial Development Agency are updating the information on this page. Check back soon!

Data Name Value Percent
Total Population 16 Years and Over 1,206,807  
Civilian Labor Force
Total 784,771 65.03%
Employed 737,128 93.93%
Unemployed 47,643 6.07%
Workers By General Occupation
Median Earnings By Occupation
Median Earnings, Full-time, Year-Round Workers
All Workers $58,022
Male Workers $65,326
Female Workers $51,014


* Contains counties in one or more MSAs. Data boundaries may differ from the area displayed.
  Total Employment Location Quotient Jobs Per 1000
  Annual Median Annual Mean Hourly Median Hourly Mean
Annual Wage Percentiles
  10th 25th 75th 90th
Hourly Wage Percentiles
  10th 25th 75th 90th
* Minimum wage for workers covered by the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act. The Federal wage prevails if it is higher than the state standard.
Data Name Value
Right to Work State?
New York No
Minimum Wage
Suffolk County, NY $11.00