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Otsego Now (County of Otsego IDA)

189 Main St, Suite 500
Oneonta, NY 13820
P: +1 607-267-4010


The Otsego IDA funded a comprehensive study, conducted by FARR Technologies, of a county-wide broadband coverage, gaps in service, technology options, business model options, strategic expansion of broadband, implementation plans. Then a Public/Private business team was established including private sector provider Middleburgh Telephone Company (MIDTEL), the Otsego Electric Cooperative, Otsego County, and the Otsego IDA to develop a broadband plan to address the gaps in coverage. Currently, the group is working to prepare a competitive application for implementation funding in the next Connect NY funding round.

Energy Utilities

Otsego Electric Cooperative, Inc. is a member-owned, not-for-profit electric cooperative. There mission is to provide safe and reliable electric service to our members at the least possible cost, consistent with sound business practices.

NYSEG (New York State Electric and Gas Corporation)- NYSEG, a subsidiary of Avangrid, serves 881,000 electricity customers and 263,000 natural gas customers across more than 40% of upstate New York. Affiliated with Iberdrola SA, Avangrid owns eight electricity, natural gas or combination utilities in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts,
and New York. The utilities serve 2.2 million electricity customers, 930,000 natural gas customers, and are recognized for safe, reliable energy delivery, excellent customer service, and a commitment to the community and environment.

Energy Utility Programs & Services

Otsego County is currently in the process of developing a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Solar City to build a 2.3 Mega Watt remote solar array that will provide net metering to offset electricity cost to all county owned and county leased facilities.

The Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) allows Otsego County to implement on-site renewable energy projects with no upfront capital costs. Solar City will install the solar array on county owned or leased property. Solar City is able to fully leverage government incentives and depreciation unavailable to the County. In exchange, the County agrees to purchase the power generated by the system.

We at Otsego Now (County of Otsego IDA) are updating the information on this page. Check back soon!

* Best efforts, no guaranteed speed.
  Consumer Down Up Business Down Up
All Broadband Yes 50 5 Yes 1000 1000
Providers (18)
  Consumer Down Up Business Down Up
Broadview Networks Holdings, Inc. No 0 0 Yes 9 9
dishNET Satellite Broadband, L.L.C. Yes 10 2 No 0 0
EarthLink Business, LLC No 0 0 Yes 5 5
Frontier Communications Corporation Yes 24 2 Yes * *
GCI Communication Corp. No 0 0 Yes * *
GTT Americas LLC No 0 0 Yes * *
HNS License Sub, LLC Yes 15 2 Yes 15 2
Level 3 Communications, LLC No 0 0 Yes 45 45
Lightower Fiber Networks I, LLC (fka Light Tower Fiber Long Island LLC) No 0 0 Yes 1000 1000
MCI Communications Corporation No 0 0 Yes 4 4
National Mobile Communications No 0 0 Yes 20 20
PAETEC Communications, Inc. No 0 0 Yes 10 10
Time Warner Cable Inc. Yes 50 5 Yes 250 250
Verizon New York Inc. Yes 15 1 Yes * *
ViaSat, Inc. Yes 12 3 Yes * *
VSAT Systems, LLC Yes 2 1.30 Yes 2 1.30
Windstream New York, Inc. Yes 12 1.50 Yes 25 2
XO Communications Services, LLC No 0 0 Yes 1.50 1.50
Technologies (9)
  Consumer Down Up Business Down Up
ADSL2, ADSL2+ Yes 24 2 Yes * *
Asymmetric xDSL Yes 15 1.50 Yes 25 20
Cable Modem – DOCSIS 3.0 Yes 50 5 Yes * *
Cable Modem other than DOCSIS 1, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, or 3.1 No 0 0 Yes * *
Optical Carrier / Fiber to the end user No 0 0 Yes 1000 1000
Other Copper Wireline No 0 0 Yes 45 45
Satellite Yes 15 3 Yes 15 2
Symmetric xDSL No 0 0 Yes 5 5
VDSL Yes 24 2 Yes * *
View electricity data for year:
Beginning in 2012 the U.S. Energy Information Agency reduced the reporting requirements for “small utilities”. These utilities are not required to submit residential, commercial and industrial breakouts. They just supply summary information from all sectors.
Natural gas prices are only available at the state level. Prices are average prices for the reporting period. EIA does not maintain data on the service territory of natural gas utilities.

Natural Gas Data (Price Per Thousand Cubic Feet)

State Commercial Residential Industrial
New York $6.85 $11.20 $6.62